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Keep Runoff Away With Stormwater Management Gear

Drain water pipe emptying on pavementFeel like you’ve seen a lot of rain this summer? You’re not mistaken. In many regions, thunderstorms are more frequent this time of year, and they can bring lasting damage that goes beyond mud puddles and beat-up begonias. The torrential rains can cause heavy stormwater flows, and for communities and businesses that don’t have stormwater best management practices (BMPs) in place, that can mean big messes.

As rain falls over streets, roofs, lawns, industrial areas, and construction sites, the hazardous materials it comes in contact with become part of the runoff. This is especially dangerous when heavy rain or flooding occurs near manufacturing sites or other areas where chemicals are present; without water spill containment devices in place, dangerous chemicals and sewage from flooded or backed-up drains can make their way into the public water system.

During this stormy season, we’re reminded that preparation is a key element of any comprehensive stormwater management strategy. Proactive strategies can include changing landscaping, creating ponds, and spreading or redirecting runoff flow, along with other BMPs.

Be prepared with stormwater products

The best plans also include keeping water spill containment products on hand. Products such as drain plugs, drain covers, drain inserts, spill containment berm dikes, and oil skimmers should be part of your business’s stormwater BMPs. Here’s how these helpful spill containment and stormwater products work:

  • Drain plug: These are used to block floor drains before or right after a spill occurs. The plug seals off the drain and prevents the fluid (which can contain hazardous materials) from entering the water supply.
  • Drain cover: This product also seals off drains, forming a tight seal to keep water and chemicals out. The polyurethane drain cover that’s available from AbsorbentsOnline.com is reversible, reusable, and resistant to many chemicals.
  • Drain insert: This device fits over drain catch basins and prevents stormwater pollution by filtering out coarse sediments, oil, grease, litter, and debris. It’s particularly beneficial in parking lots and other areas where vehicles leave grease and oil residue.
  • Spill containment berm dike: These berms are comprised of non-absorbent, reusable sections of flexible polyurethane. When put together, the berm dike forms a barrier that traps or diverts fluids away from drains and keeps it from spreading.
  • Oil skimmer: This proactive tool is a must-have addition to your stormwater management kit. It’s used to remove oil that stormwater has washed into a catch basin or storm drain. It floats on the surface of the water, continuously absorbing the unwanted oil.

Don’t wait for a heavy storm to hit! Make sure you have the right stormwater management products on hand, and you’ll be ready to keep contaminated water spills under control any time.