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Need a Custom-Size Spill Containment Berm? Build It Yourself!

Custom Berm Kit

Build Your Own Berm Kit

By Travis Zdrazil

Do you store or use any type of oil in your workplace? If so, federal regulations require you to have appropriate plans and secondary containment equipment in place for preventing and mitigating oil spills.

In the event of an oil or chemical spill, a spill containment berm is a valuable tool for preventing dangerous substances from spreading into other areas of the workplace.There are many off-the-shelf spill containment berms available, but they may not work for every business’ need. For example, a berm might not fit correctly around the unique dimensions of large machinery, or it might be made of a material that is not durable enough to withstand every application (e.g., polyurethane). Some custom-made, secondary containment berms are available, such as cement or iron angle curbs, but they can often be costly and pose a trip-and-fall hazard for workers.

Customize your oil spill berm

Luckily, there is an easy-to-use, safe, and economical alternative option: the Build Your Own Berm Kit. The kit provides everything you need to build a custom spill containment berm that will last for years if cared for properly. It comes with all the materials you need: 50 feet of berm wall; corners, connectors, and collars; and the necessary adhesive for quick installation. If your customized berm calls for more materials than you have, you can easily purchase additional pieces at AbsorbentsOnline.com.

Berms are coated in durable vinyl.

Berms are coated in durable vinyl.

Installation is easy. Simply clean the area where the oil spill berm will be installed to remove any grease or oil, and repair concrete cracks or separations before laying out the berm and applying the adhesive. The berm can be used as soon as one hour after it has been installed. See the full instruction sheet here.

The custom spill containment berm’s walls and corners are coated in a durable vinyl that can resist coolants, oils, and most chemicals; and is bright yellow so it can easily be seen to reduce tripping hazards. If your workplace environment changes at any point, you can remove the berm with minimal effort by using a flat-bladed shovel.

The Build Your Own Berm Kit can help you comply with EPA regulations 40 CFR 122.26, 40 CFR 264.175, and 40 CFR 112.7 and can be a valuable part of your workplace regulatory compliance plan. Workplace safety doesn’t have to be a hassle! Make your business a safer place with this easy-to-use tool.

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