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What’s in Your Acid Spill Kit?

Battery acid spill kitBy Travis Zdrazil

Acids and corrosive substances are on hand at many worksites — automobile repair shops, heavy equipment storage yards, and manufacturing facilities, to name just a few. However, the corrosive materials these and other businesses depend on can be dangerous — and even deadly — if a spill occurs and they’re caught unprepared. Having the proper materials on hand to respond to an acid spill is imperative.

What you need

Your worksite should have spill kits placed in all areas where acids are used. These kits should include acid neutralizers and absorbents that are specifically made for acids and corrosives, as well as other basic items for spill cleanup.

Make sure your acid spill kit includes the following items:

  • An appropriate container: You need a container that can hold acids or other aggressive fluids, like the bucket in the Battery Acid Spill Kit. This container is labeled and highly visible, waterproof, and can be used to store contaminated sorbents until they can be disposed of properly.
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE): Depending on the materials handled at your site, your acid spill kit may need a variety of PPE to protect users from aggressive liquids. Basic PPE may include safety goggles, chemical-resistant gloves, aprons, boot covers, and a respirator.
  • Absorbent materials: Hazmat spill kits should include absorbent pads and rolls, and hazmat absorbent. Your kit may also need an acid neutralizer, which absorbs and solidifies acids and then changes colors to signify complete neutralization. (Note that acid neutralizers may not be safe for all acids. Contact AbsorbentsOnline’s knowledgeable staff for answers to any questions you have about which absorbents are suitable for your environment.)
  • Cleaning supplies: Hand brooms or scoops can help spread and clean up absorbent neutralizers. You’ll also need disposal bags to hold used absorbents and contaminated materials.

Your source for spill solutions

AbsorbentsOnline sells many of these items individually, or you can take advantage of our Battery Acid Spill Kits that include PPE and cleanup tools as well as acid-specific absorbents.

You can also contact us about making custom spill kits to meet your needs. Get in touch by email or call toll free at (800) 869-9633. We have hundreds of customers that order special spill kits, and we’re always available to develop the perfect spill solution for your unique business.