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Oil Spill? Control It Fast with the Right Containment Boom

Containing an oil spillBy Travis Zdrazil

Remember the BP oil spill? The Exxon Valdez? These famous oil spill incidents remind us of the devastation such an event can cause for businesses, the environment, and countless industries. Although (fortunately) few oil spills are as large and devastating as those mentioned, you still need to have the proper equipment on hand to combat smaller workplace spills.

Generally, non-absorbent oil containment booms are great tools for containing dangerous spills. But when you select a non-absorbent containment boom, be sure to consider the environment and water conditions where the booms will be deployed.

Finding the right containment boom

AbsorbentsOnline offers specialized non-absorbent booms that work in various water conditions. You can use this helpful guide to determine what type of boom is right for your particular application.

  • Calm water β€” The EconoMax Oil Spill Containment Boom floats on top of water and contains debris and oil. A skirting barrier, which hangs below the water line, keeps pollutants contained. This lightweight and compact boom travels and stores easily.
  • Shallow water β€” For water in streams, canals, and ditches, the Super Swamp Containment Boom is ideal. Made from top-quality, fully welded 22-ounce PVC material, this boom is both cost effective and lightweight. The Super Swamp Containment Boom is easy to clean using a pressure washer and good detergent, so that you can use it multiple times.
  • Marinas, lakes, and harbors β€”The cylindrical foam flotation blocks of the Simplex Oil Boom make it ideal for shoreline and coastal areas. This boom comes with marine-grade aluminum connectors that easily slide together. Additionally, the boom is compact enough to be employed by just one person.
  • Fast-current waters β€” The OptiMax Boom works well for rivers, ports, harbors, and estuaries because it has a top tension cable that can be fitted for fast currents and long-term deployment. It’s a popular piece of equipment among cleanup contractors for its ability to effectively block oil, trash, and debris.

Oil spills can have extreme consequences for the environment and for businesses that don’t have a backup plan. With multiple options available, you can find the non-absorbent boom that provides the right level of spill containment for your needs.

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