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Reduce Winter Slip-and-Fall Dangers

Warning sign: "Watch your step"By Travis Zdrazil

Are you ready for winter? In many parts of the U.S., snow, ice, and freezing-cold temperatures have already made an appearance. Wintry conditions make for slick surfaces that increase the risk of slip, trip, and fall accidents on roads, sidewalks, steps, and indoor floors.

In the workplace, winter-related slip, trip, and fall accidents can cost employers in several ways: lost productivity from employee absences, liability insurance and worker’s compensation claims, and even lawsuits. Insurance services provider Zurich reports that the average general liability claim for snow- or ice-related slip, trip, and fall accidents is valued at around $85,000.

The best way to prevent slips, trips, and falls in the workplace is to always be aware of where you are stepping and keep up with good housekeeping and maintenance practices. The right safety products can also reduce the risk of falls and help prevent injuries at your facility.

Make stairs and floors safer

The first step in reducing fall injuries is as easy as “peel and stick.” Non-slip tapes and treads offer a quick way to give extra protection to areas where slippery floors are a danger. These tapes and treads are easy to apply and provide more secure footing on wet floors and stairs.

Non-slip tape comes in rolls, so you can easily size and cut tape to your specifications. The tape comes in several colors: black tape, which blends in with the surroundings, and easy-to-see solid yellow and striped tapes.

Stairs are accident-prone sites even in normal conditions; add ice and slush, and they can turn into high-risk areas. To make stairs safer in winter conditions, place non-skid treads on each step. Non-skid treads are available in solid colors and with printed messages such as “Caution,” “Watch Your Step,” and “Slippery When Wet” — offering employees a constant reminder to stay safe.

Another way to make stairs safer is by installing stair tread covers that give each step more traction. Two types of stair tread covers are available. Fiberglass stair tread nosings are ideal for new constructions or renovations; indoor or outdoor stairs; and wood, concrete, or metal steps. The long-lasting fiberglass resists chips, scratches, dirt, oil, and stains.

Aluminum stair tread nosings are useful for making worn, dangerous steps safer. These rust-proof metal treads have a mineral grit non-skid surface that will give you many years of service. These nosings are also compliant with federal OSHA and ADA regulations.

Don’t forget the absorbent mats

Absorbent mats aren’t just for soaking up oil leaks! For walkways and areas around machinery, an absorbent mat can protect your facility from puddles that accumulate from tracked-in snow and water. Made of super-absorbent polypropylene, an absorbent mat will absorb all liquids, and its non-penetrable backing will prevent floor stains.

During the winter season, you have an obligation to protect your employees and your business from slips, trips, and falls. AbsorbentsOnline makes it easy and affordable to make your workplace a safe place.

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