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Absorbent Pad or Pillow: Which Do You Use — and When?

absorbentpadsIn any workplace where liquids are used — be they oils, chemicals, water, or other substances — employees have to be prepared to clean up leaks and spills. To make your spill cleanups quicker and safer, you can use any of a number of absorbent products, such as those available at AbsorbentsOnline.com. Two of the most commonly used absorbent products are absorbent pads and absorbent pillows. At first glance, pads and pillows don’t seem too different: A pillow is thicker than a pad, and slightly more expensive. But those aren’t the only differences between these products — absorbent pads and pillows actually have very distinct uses. Knowing what those uses are can help you choose the right absorbent product to prepare for spills in your workplace.

  • Absorbent pads come both individually (sold by the case) and in rolls. Supplied in large quantities, pads are geared toward all-purpose use — for wiping up or absorbing small leaks, placement in spill kits, and even to reduce slip and fall dangers.
  • Absorbent pillows are for heavy-duty spill containment. They absorb more fluid than an absorbent pad can, and they also fit well into tight spaces, such as a fluid reservoir, waste trough, or hard-to-access area of machinery.

Use your knowledge of your workplace’s needs to determine which absorbent products you should have on hand. Many workplaces like to stock both pads and pillows, so that they are prepared for any eventuality. AbsorbentsOnline.com offers a variety of high quality absorbent pads and pillows at budget-friendly prices. Our offerings include:

No single absorbent material is ideal for every spill situation. To ensure that you have the materials you need to clean up fluid spills quickly and safely, stock up on the absorbent pads and pillows that best suit your needs. [cta]Travis Zdrazil Want to learn more about absorbent pads and pillows? AbsorbentsOnline can help. Contact Travis Zdrazil at travis@absorbentsonline.com or (800) 869-9633. [/cta]