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Keep Forklift Accidents at Bay with Safety Barriers

Female Warehouse Employee Doing A ChecklistHere’s a sobering fact: Every year, 20,000 U.S. employees are seriously injured and 100 are killed in warehouse accidents involving forklifts.

Forklifts are among the leading causes of workplace injuries in warehouses. These accidents usually include overturned forklifts and collisions with pedestrians, pallets, or other equipment. Not to mention that these accidents can cause costly damage to your equipment.

That’s why it’s important that forklift operators be trained to operate forklifts safely. But beyond ensuring safe operation, what can you do to reduce the chances of forklifts causing accidents and damage in your workplace?

A barrier to collisions

Luckily, there’s a simple solution: safety barrier products. These durable, fixed objects prevent entry of forklifts and other vehicles, allowing you to protect dangerous or vulnerable areas and make safe areas for pedestrians. And as a bonus, they’re incredibly easy to install.

There are many types of safety barriers that can be used to reduce the risk of accidents when using forklifts or other powered industrial trucks:

  • Guard rails — These rail assemblies are used to protect large areas against vehicle collisions, provide pedestrian walkways, and protect buildings from damage.
  • Machine safety guards and rack guards — These high-visibility yellow steel safety rails are easily installed with steel plates. They are maintenance free and will provide years of protection for your equipment and employees.
  • Steel bollard posts — These sturdy steel posts are an easy way to prevent property damage. They can be filled with cement, if desired.


AbsorbentsOnline.com offers these safety barrier products:


  • Column protectors — Make sure your columns and beams are both visible and protected with impact-absorbing, high-density polyethylene column protectors.
  • Wall protectors — These energy-absorbing wall protectors can be installed at any height to prevent damage to your concrete, drywall, or block walls.
  • Forklift mats — This super-absorbent polypropylene mat protects your floors from spills and equipment, and your employees from slips and falls. It is sold in rolls, so you can cut the mats to suit your space.

Safety barriers are a low-tech, economical workplace safety product. They’re so easy to implement, there’s no excuse for any business that uses powered industrial trucks to be without them.

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