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3 Ways to Stop Moving Machinery Accidents Before they Happen

Loader in modern storehouseBy Travis Zdrazil

Equipped with essential moving machinery such as forklifts or other large vehicles, your facility is ready to handle many different jobs. However, with increased efficiency comes increased risk of accidents or injury. As facility or safety manager, it’s your job not only to assess the potential for extreme consequences to workers or the facility, but to implement precautions to minimize damage.

One solution is simple: utilizing proper safety equipment. Here are three tools you may want to add to your workplace to reduce potential damage associated with moving machinery.

Safety guards

Barriers such as steel bollard posts, and machine safety guards serve multiple purposes. They can be used both indoors and out, and not only block off areas where moving vehicles are not permitted, but also protect pedestrians and other equipment from damage if an operator loses control.

Whether they are used to prevent structural damage near racks and machines, or to direct general traffic, these guards offer extra protection for your facility and employees.


Column protectors, corner protectors, and wall protectors are used to draw attention to architectural features to help vehicle operators safely navigate difficult infrastructure.

Their bright colors offer visual cues to drivers, while their ability to absorb impact ensures that your structure, vehicle, and operator take the minimal amount of damage.

Forklift mat

Safely storing moving machinery is just as important as safely operating it.

Forklifts and other vehicles are prone to damaging floors with oil and battery acid drips. Besides their aesthetic unpleasantness, oil spills can make floors hazardously slippery, and uncontained battery acid can be dangerous for workers.

Using a forklift mat to absorb dripping fluids can make the area safer and prevent concrete stains.

Remember, if you operate vehicles or moving machinery at your facility, take preventative measures against potentially dangerous and damaging accidents.

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