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Safer Poly Drum Handling Starts with the Right Tools

Drum truckBy Travis Zdrazil

You’ve invested in quality poly drums for safely moving and storing hazardous materials in your facility. But poly drums alone might not be enough for the job. Depending on your application, you may also need accessories that make your poly drums easier to use and make material transfer safer.

Drum funnels

A spill or splash is the last thing you want to deal with while handling potentially dangerous materials. Use a funnel on closed-head drums to avoid a transfer mess and make waste collection easy. For extra protection, combine the funnel with a drum pad topper to clean and protect the top of the barrel and surrounding areas.

Drum storage

If you’re using your poly drums to contain flammable or combustible materials, you must store them in a safety cabinet, such as a drum storage cabinet, to reduce fire hazard. Such cabinets can help you comply with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.106 and Uniform Fire Code 79.202 regulations. Drums can be stored vertically or horizontally in the storage units, and the cabinets are labeled with flammable and hazardous waste signs. An additional drum storage accessory is an industrial drip pan, which can be placed under a drum spigot to keep the storage area safe and clean.

Drum pallets

Transporting a full poly drum container can be tricky — unless you have the right tools. Single-drum pallets or carts make drum relocation easier and safer and are ideal for on-the-go dispensing. The pallets are very durable and resistant to corrosion, and the poly grates are removable and easy to clean.

Poly drums should make your job easier, not harder. With these handy tools, material storage, transport, and dispensing will be simpler — and safer — than ever.

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