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With Industrial Floor Mats, You Can Keep Trucking Along

camoA mat is a mat — right? Wrong!

Although we rarely pay much attention to the mats scattered around our homes and our workplaces, each performs a particular function to make the facility safer.

Good housekeeping

OSHA 1910.22 requires good housekeeping around the workplace. This includes the requirements that “the floor of every workroom shall be maintained in a clean and, so far as possible, a dry condition. Where wet processes are used, drainage shall be maintained, and false floors, platforms, mats, or other dry standing places should be provided where practicable.”

Industrial floor mats are one of the easier ways to keep floors dry and conditions tidy. Take a look around your facility and seek out places where floors may be accident prone. Then, take a look at this handy guide to find the perfect mat for every problem.

  • For vehicle parking: The Forklift mat will protect your flooring from damage by oils or battery acids. And, as a bonus, it is excellent at preventing slips and falls!
  • Catch drips and leaks: The Oil drip mat is super absorbent and will absorb oil, coolants, solvents, and water. This mat is also good at preventing slips and falls. Alternatively, the Survivor mat is a universal absorbent and can take the punishment of everyday wear and tear.
  • Hide grime: For high-traffic areas, try the Rag rug industrial absorbent floor mat. Made from recycled material, this mat can absorb grunge without looking dirty.
  • For heavy-duty oil drips: For the machinery that will deal out major oil drips, the Railroad containment absorbent track mat will serve nicely. This is the heaviest, thickest, and most absorbent barrier mat available.

No matter what your needs, industrial floor mats are one of the most inexpensive solutions for keeping floors clean and safe. And the best part? No assembly required!

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