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For Acid Spills: Prevent First, but Always Be Prepared

Battery terminal with corrosion on it

The last thing you want in your facility is a battery acid spill. These spills are extremely dangerous and can be costly for your business. But with a portable spill kit, you can respond quickly and protect both your facility and your employees.

OSHA has strict requirements for employees who work with batteries. Any workers handling acids or batteries must be provided with face shields, aprons, and rubber gloves, and must have access to facilities for quick drenching of the eyes and body within 25 feet of all battery handling areas.

If you want to be fully prepared for battery acid spills, you’ll need more than just the proper PPE (don’t worry — all of our kits include gloves and goggles). You need to know what type of acid is in your batteries so you can ensure you have the correct neutralizer.

Workers must avoid smoking (and any other possible sources of ignition) and refrain from wearing metal accessories or jewelry while working with batteries, and are required to wash their hands thoroughly after handling batteries.

Charge batteries in a dedicated, well-ventilated area, and make sure not to overcharge them. Use suitable single-ended tools with insulated handles, and move batteries only with insulated lifting equipment.

What sets our spill kits apart?

No matter how careful you are, battery acid spills can still happen — and if they do, you want to be prepared to clean them up quickly and safely. That’s where our spill kits come in.

Our spill kits are customizable. They’re available with either liquid or dry acid neutralizer, which changes color to let you know when the acid has been neutralized.

Our kits come in sizes up to 95 gallons to suit any facility’s needs. These yellow, waterproof kits are portable, allowing for quick response to spills.

From retail to automotive repair, these kits are ideal for any business that deals with batteries. If a battery acid spill hits your facility, be prepared for it with our portable spill kits.

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