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Do Your Part: Stop Runoff Pollution with Drain Guards

Drain GuardStorm water pollution is a growing concern on both local and national levels. Storm water runoff occurs when precipitation from rain or snow flows over non-absorbent surfaces, such as driveways, sidewalks, and roads. These surfaces prevent the water from soaking into the ground, like it would on natural dirt or grass areas.

The real issue isn’t simply that runoff exists — the problem is that storm water picks up debris, chemicals, dirt, and other pollutants that then flow into a sewer system or directly into natural bodies of water, like rivers and lakes. Anything that enters a storm sewer system is then discharged into the bodies of water that we use for swimming, fishing, and even drinking water.

This polluted runoff can adversely affect plants, fish, other animals — and, yes, even people.

There are a few major problem areas when it comes to storm runoff. For example, parking lots are a huge source of pollution. Cars and trucks drip oil and grease, which are then carried into catch basins by rain water. Vehicle storage and service areas can sometimes be even worse than parking lots in terms of the oil and grease contaminants. Construction sites and industrial sites are hotbeds of vehicle and equipment fluids, and, of course, the loose dirt found at most construction sites is easily carried away into our sewer systems and natural bodies of water.

Keep your runoff clean

Do your part in preventing storm runoff from carrying contaminants into local sewers and rivers — invest in the Drain Guard.

Drain Guard is a simple device that has been designed to fit most drain catch basins. A metal grate holds the guard in place so that it can filter out coarse sediments, oil, grease, litter, and debris from storm water.

Drain Guards are available in three models, based on your needs:

  • Oil and Sediment Model — This model has a geotextile outer material that removes oil and grease from water as it passes through the Drain Guard.
  • Oil and Sediment Plus Model — This model is the same as the Oil and Sediment Model, except it also contains X-Tex absorbent filter strips to more effectively remove oil and grease.
  • Trash and Debris Model — This model is designed specifically to catch larger items, such as cigarette butts, candy wrappers, and paper goods.

Protect your local water systems and storm sewers. Install Drain Guards today!

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