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Hand Wringers: Save Money, Materials, and the Environment

Hand Wringer

Pro Model Wringer – Item #A1500W

How do you get more out of your absorbents? How do you create efficiency and reduce waste? Too often, companies lose material because of their inability to retrieve it after it’s been absorbed. This prevents those companies from meeting environmental standards by forcing them to waste fluids when they could be recycling them.

Solve this problem with a hand wringer! Here are a few great reasons to invest in one today:

  • It pays itself off. On average, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that a hand wringer pays for itself in just three to five short weeks.
  • Go green! A hand wringer allows you to recycle fluids, improving your environmental compliance.
  • Save money. By employing a hand wringer at your facility, the EPA reports that you can achieve annual savings of 51-75%.

If you’re ready to pick up a hand wringer, AbsorbentsOnline is here to provide them! We offer three models to choose from, based on your business’s needs.

  • Economy model — This inexpensive model can reclaim up to 90% of fluid from absorbent pads and rags. The sturdy, all-steel, rust-proof frame will offer many years of service, and the bearings never need to be lubricated.
  • Standard model — This heavy-duty model can remove fluids from absorbent pads, towels, wipers, rugs, carpets, and flat booms. It features dual-gear, driven, 12-inch-wide, chemical-resistant rollers that can compress your towels, sorbents, and rags to 1/2 of an inch to 3/4 of an inch or less.
  • Pro model — This model incorporates new features to minimize waste. Its 19-inch rollers accept 18-inch pads with no folding, or as many as four, 3-inch socks at one time. It can also accept 5-inch, 6-inch, and some 8-inch booms. The Pro model even has an optional hands-free, electric motor drive.

No matter what you need from a hand wringer, AbsorbentsOnline can meet those needs. Save money and the earth by recycling and reusing your absorbents!

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