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Do You Have These 7 Absorbents in Your Warehouse?

Worker in protective uniform cleaning floor in empty storehouseStocking your warehouse with absorbents can be a daunting task if you’re not sure where to start. Here’s your guide to determine which absorbents fit your needs!

Pads and Rolls

Absorbent pads and rolls are all-purpose cleanup tools designed to absorb liquids quickly. Pads are convenient, pre-cut sheets of absorbent that fit specific places or functions. Rolls allow for more flexibility so you can use precisely the amount you need.

These come in six main types, and the type that works best for you depends entirely on the types of materials in your facility. Here is a basic rundown of each type and its ideal purpose:

Universal Maintenance — A general-purpose type of absorbent, universal pads are great for day-to-day maintenance. These pads can absorb a wide variety of fluids, from water-based fluids to oils and more. After being wrung out, they can even be reused. The grey color disguises dirt, extending the absorbents’ lives.

Oil — These white absorbents repel and float on water and absorb only hydrocarbons such as oil, gasoline, and lubricating oils. They’re perforated, so you can use only what you need, and can also be wrung out and used again.

Economy Oil — Similar to the oil absorbents, the economy pads and rolls float and repel water, only absorbing hydrocarbons. These cost-effective oil absorbent pads have only one layer, so they’re able to cover larger surface areas for low prices.

Hazmat — Used for chemical spill cleanup, these yellow-colored absorbents are made to absorb hazardous or unknown liquid spills. They absorb all liquids, including water, and are capable of safely absorbing aggressive fluids, such as acids.

Polybacked — These absorbents have impenetrable poly backing, protecting the floor or users’ hands from liquids. These absorbents are all-purpose and will absorb all liquids, including water.

Anti-Static — These water-repelling absorbents are designed for use in cold or dry applications to reduce risk of sparking. They will absorb oils and hydrocarbons, and your absorbents come in a unique blue bag for quick identification and use.


Absorbent socks are made to surround spills and prevent them from spreading further. They are fast and easy to use, so you can catch spills before they get worse.

Universal/General Purpose — These superabsorbent polypropylene socks can be wrung out and reused for multiple purposes. They’re ideal for everyday maintenance, come in two sizes, and can absorb water-based fluids, oil, coolants, and more.

Oil — Available in two sizes, these socks are designed to absorb oil and hydrocarbons. They repel and float on water, making for an easy cleanup process.

Hazmat — These yellow-colored socks come in two sizes and are meant for use on hazardous or unknown spills. They absorb all liquids, from water and water-based fluids to aggressive fluids.

Corn Cob Universal — These universal absorbent socks are filled with ground corn cob filler, so they’re renewable and an ideal way to make your business greener.


When you need a quick absorbent tool with higher capacity than pads or rolls, absorbent pillows are the perfect solution. These are great for persistent leaks or for catching running liquid.

Universal — These all-purpose absorbent pillows are grey in color and suitable for all kinds of spills. They can be wrung out and reused, come in two sizes, and are ideal for general, day-to-day maintenance.

Oil — These white-colored, oil-only pillows are perfect for absorbing hydrocarbons. They can be used on both land and water, repel and float on water, and come in two sizes.

Hazmat — When you have a hazardous or unknown spill, these yellow absorbents are just the thing. They can absorb all liquids, including water, and are available in two sizes.


For quick responses to spills and accidents, it’s important that you’re prepared not just with large, high-capacity absorbents but also small, easy-to-access rags and towels — and even absorbents for use on workers’ faces and hands.

Shop Towels — These extremely versatile towels are soft enough for use on the hands and face but don’t fall apart when wet. They come in a variety of absorbency levels, so you can choose between all-purpose, high-absorbency, and everything in between. These towels are great for painting, staining, wallpapering, cleaning, and mopping up spills. 

Shop Rags — These rags come in easy-to-use dispensers and are made from 100% reclaimed materials, making them a green option for your business. Great for use on paint, grease, oil, and solvents, these rags have hundreds of practical uses.

Industrial Wet Wipes, Soaps, and Degreasers — Whether you need to clean your hands or your equipment, we have the perfect cleaner for it. Our citrus-scented hand soaps are harsh on industrial grime but gentle on the skin, and our cleaners are up for the task of commercial degreasing without being full of harsh solvents.

Absorbent oil matSafety Mats

Safety mats are so durable they can be used underneath vehicles and machinery or on walkways to catch drips and leaks as well as protect from slip-and-fall accidents.

Abzorb — These mats are the toughest of the bunch, featuring non-penetrable backing. They’re non-skid, can be cut into your desired lengths, and can be used either indoors or outdoors. They come in dark charcoal grey to mask the appearance of dirt and stains.

Forklift — These Abzorb Mats are cut at six feet by eight feet specifically to fit forklifts. They’re perfect to protect your floors from oil and battery leaks and provide non-slip surfaces for employees getting in or out of forklifts.

Rag Rug Industrial Floor — These recycled mats will stand up to traffic and can absorb all fluids, so they’re perfect for use on walkways.

Railroad Containment Track — Protect railroad beds from chemical or hydrocarbon leaks with these absorbents, which are polybacked to resist chemicals. These mats come in two different-sized rolls for the inside and outside of rails, and mat covers are made of UV-resistant material.

Survivor Camouflage — The pattern on these mats hides drips and leaks for extended use. The bottom layer is made of a densely woven, fine fiber to provide grip and support safer walking. The top layer of fabric wicks away liquid trapped in the center core, making these mats ideal for use around machinery or on walkways.

Drip pansDrip Pans

Drip pans are ideal if you have applications in which there is too high a volume of leakage for an absorbent pad or pillow. Pans will safely contain liquid until it can be disposed of.

Universal DPU-16 — These universal absorbent pans are covered to keep absorbed liquid safely inside. The entire tray is easy to replace after it is filled for easy maintenance.

Industrial with Pillows — These pans are reusable, and you can replace the absorbent pillows as needed. They can be used with universal absorbent pillows or hydrocarbon-only pillows that repel water.

Oil absorbent boomsBooms

Booms are used to contain or route large, spreading spills to prevent or control further spread. They can be used on land or water.

Oil Absorbent — These booms absorb hydrocarbons, repel water and water-based fluids, and float on water — even when saturated with oil. They can be easily linked together with carbon steel connector hardware.

Chemical Hazmat — These booms are for use on land and can absorb many fluids, from water-based to oil and acetone. They can be connected together for large area spills.

Non Absorbent — These booms are for use as dams when fluids don’t need to be contained, only routed.

No matter what kind of needs you have at your facility, there are solutions for every spill and every site! This guide can help you determine which absorbents best suit your needs — and if you aren’t sure, you can always contact PCI AbsorbentsOnline with any questions.

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