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Berms Offer Flexibility for Storm Water Pollution Prevention

spill-containment-dikeSometimes a spill doesn’t just need to be absorbed, it needs to be contained — or even redirected. For example, depending on the severity of rainfall, storm water runoff could be difficult or impossible to redirect or fully contain, which can cause major contamination risks. This case would be the perfect application for berm dikes, essential tools for any facility where employees handle pollutants or waste.

Berms come in many forms, but all of these non-absorbent tubes act as barriers to liquids, allowing you to guide or contain them. To choose the right berm, it’s important that you examine the application for the berm and select one that meets all your needs.

For example, the size of the berm will depend on the size of the spill or liquid to be contained. We offer berms small enough for tabletop sample or chemical testing stations as well as up to 10 feet long for larger applications.

Need more than 10 feet of length? We also offer connectors, so you can combine 10-foot lengths (or any of the other lengths we offer — they’re all so easy to connect!) into whatever length you need. Need to fit a weirdly shaped space? Berms are easy to bend, so they can fit any curve or angle.

Safe storage

To ensure that your berms are available quickly and efficiently in cases of spills or weather events, you should store them near areas where they will most likely be needed. Luckily, our new spill dike storage case makes it easy to protect and store any of our berms, including the 10-foot length option.

Our sturdy berms are completely reusable and can be cleaned easily with soap and water to prepare them for future use. Since the polyurethane is tacky, the berm will stick to itself if not stored properly — but our spill dike storage case features dividers to keep your berm from doing so. By cleaning and storing berms properly between uses, these important tools are sure to be great investments that will provide years of trouble-free use.

Check out our different berms and the new spill dike storage case on our website.

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