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Prevent Injury and Damage: Use the Right Products

The only thing more important than your equipment safety is the safety of your employees. You need to keep the right safety products for all possible circumstances on hand to keep equipment and employees safe. At AbsorbentsOnline, we carry everything you need to protect your staff members and the equipment they use every day. Here […]

Do You Have These 7 Absorbents in Your Warehouse?

Stocking your warehouse with absorbents can be a daunting task if you’re not sure where to start. Here’s your guide to determine which absorbents fit your needs! Pads and Rolls Absorbent pads and rolls are all-purpose cleanup tools designed to absorb liquids quickly. Pads are convenient, pre-cut sheets of absorbent that fit specific places or […]

With Industrial Floor Mats, You Can Keep Trucking Along

A mat is a mat — right? Wrong! Although we rarely pay much attention to the mats scattered around our homes and our workplaces, each performs a particular function to make the facility safer. Good housekeeping OSHA 1910.22 requires good housekeeping around the workplace. This includes the requirements that “the floor of every workroom shall […]

Which Spill Response Kit Belongs in Your Facility?

No matter where you are, no matter what you do … spills happen. It’s a fact of nature! But in your place of business, it’s especially important to have the correct tools on hand to clean up spills before they cause damage or injuries. But what are “the correct tools”? Spill response kits (not to […]

Relieve Standing Pain with Anti-fatigue Floor Mats

When you and your workers leave to go home each day, is there pep in your step … or a pain in your back? For workers who have to stand all day long, foot, knee, and back pain can be serious problems. To counter the effects of standing for extended periods during work, anti-fatigue floor […]

Which Floor Dry Absorbent Should I Use On A Spill?

When you have a non-aggressive fluid spill, do you know which floor dry absorbent will take care of the problem? The answer depends on what was spilled — and, of course, how much. Familiarize yourself with the different kinds of granular sorbents in order to ensure that when you have a non-aggressive fluid spill, you’re […]

Portable Spill Containment Berms To Handle Your Emergency Needs

Spills are always accidents — which, by definition, means that you can’t control when and where they’re going to happen. If spills are bound to happen wherever you go, wouldn’t it be nice to have a berm handy wherever you go, too? Well, we’ve got some great news for you — you can! There are […]

Handle a Motor Boat Oil Spill with Oil Absorbents

We all know the saying: “Oil and water don’t mix.” It’s an adage that has persisted for a good reason. When marine oil spills happen, it’s more than just inconvenience. If not handled and contained properly, a marine oil spill can lead to disaster. We get it … mistakes happen. But knowing how to handle […]

Save the Environment with Smart Runoff Practices

By Travis Zdrazil As the winter doldrums begin to recede, spring marks a new beginning and a transition to better weather and new growth. But unfortunately, spring isn’t all about flowers and sunshine. As residual snow melts, powerful and often damaging runoff begins. Rising water can sometimes result in floor damage, water buildup in poorly […]

3 Ways to Stop Moving Machinery Accidents Before they Happen

By Travis Zdrazil Equipped with essential moving machinery such as forklifts or other large vehicles, your facility is ready to handle many different jobs. However, with increased efficiency comes increased risk of accidents or injury. As facility or safety manager, it’s your job not only to assess the potential for extreme consequences to workers or […]