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Save the Environment with Smart Runoff Practices

By Travis Zdrazil As the winter doldrums begin to recede, spring marks a new beginning and a transition to better weather and new growth. But unfortunately, spring isn’t all about flowers and sunshine. As residual snow melts, powerful and often damaging runoff begins. Rising water can sometimes result in floor damage, water buildup in poorly […]

3 Ways to Stop Moving Machinery Accidents Before they Happen

By Travis Zdrazil Equipped with essential moving machinery such as forklifts or other large vehicles, your facility is ready to handle many different jobs. However, with increased efficiency comes increased risk of accidents or injury. As facility or safety manager, it’s your job not only to assess the potential for extreme consequences to workers or […]

Safer Poly Drum Handling Starts with the Right Tools

By Travis Zdrazil You’ve invested in quality poly drums for safely moving and storing hazardous materials in your facility. But poly drums alone might not be enough for the job. Depending on your application, you may also need accessories that make your poly drums easier to use and make material transfer safer. Drum funnels A […]

Color-Code Your Spill Cleanup

By Travis Zdrazil When you reach for an absorbent sock to contain spilled or leaking fluid, do you stop to think about the sock’s color? You should! Color coding doesn’t just look nice. It has a serious purpose: to help workers respond to a spill quickly and clean it up safely. Each color indicates the […]

How Will You Respond to an Acid Spill?

By Travis Zdrazil When an acid spill occurs at your facility, do you know what to do? Safely containing an acid spill requires preparedness on several different levels. To appropriately manage an acid spill, you need to have the right tools, the right safety training, and proper knowledge on the correct way to contain a […]

3 Ways to Make Your Work-Area Floors Safer

By Travis Zdrazil What is a key industrial tool for improving worker safety and increasing productivity? The answer might be right under your feet. The humble industrial mat is used in a variety of facilities, from factory floors to hospitals. Some mats make surfaces safer by increasing traction and absorbing spilled liquids or melted snow […]

3 Best Practices for Chemical Containment

By Travis Zdrazil Fuels and chemicals are common and necessary tools in factories, shops, labs, warehouses, and construction sites. While some of these substances — such as gasoline, kerosene, diesel, and other combustible oils — are familiar and seemingly harmless materials to handle, safety is essential when dealing with any kind of fuel or chemical, […]

Storing or Transporting Hazardous Materials? Bring on the Poly Drums!

By Travis Zdrazil Does your business transport hazardous chemicals or waste? Whether you need to move them thousands of miles away or just from one area of your facility to another, you must ensure that the hazardous materials are transported in safe containers. Hazardous waste containers According to EPA regulations, owners or operators of businesses […]

Don’t Cry Over Spilled Fluids — Recover Them!

By Travis Zdrazil You just spilled a container of fluid in your workplace. You’ve followed safety procedures, and cleaned up the mess with a sorbent mat, towel, or rag, but it’s impossible to recover the fluid you just wasted … right? No matter how careful you are, spills are bound to happen. Besides being dangerous, […]

Reduce Winter Slip-and-Fall Dangers

By Travis Zdrazil Are you ready for winter? In many parts of the U.S., snow, ice, and freezing-cold temperatures have already made an appearance. Wintry conditions make for slick surfaces that increase the risk of slip, trip, and fall accidents on roads, sidewalks, steps, and indoor floors. In the workplace, winter-related slip, trip, and fall […]